From soft tooling for sand casting to complex production and prototype injection molds, Eagle has the knowledge and skill to meet your tooling needs.  We also have extensive experience building complex wax pattern tooling for the Aerospace industry.  Our seasoned team of designers, senior tool makers and project managers will work with you to shorten lead times and quickly move your product into production. 

Injection Molds
+ Cope/Drag and Core Box tooling for sand casting
+ Wax/foam pattern tooling for investment casting
+ Prototype injection molds
+ SLA and Silicone urethane casting molds


  • + (2) Haas UMC750 5-Axis Machining Centers
  • + Haas VM6 5-Axis CNC Mill
  • + Haas VF11 3-Axis CNC Mill
  • + Haas VF3 3-Axis CNC Mill
  • + Haas VF4 3-Axis CNC Mill
  • + Devlieg 3H-71 Jig Mill
  • + Bridgeport Series 1 Manual Mill
  • + Jet Bench Lathe
  • + Reid 618 HB Surface grinder
  • + Starret 48” x 96” Granite Surface Plate