We’ve built prototypes for virtually every major industry: from automotive and aerospace, to sporting goods and toys. 
Our prototypes fit a multitude of applications, including:

+ Engineering Evaluation
+ Fit & Function Testing
+ Sales & Demonstration Models
+ Investment Casting Patterns
+ Fixturing (hot-plate welding, staking, assembly)
+ End use, functional parts


High accuracy prototype parts that simulate engineered materials.

» DSM Somos NeXt
» DSM Somos WaterShed 11122             
» DSM Somos EvoLVe 128
» DSM Somos ProtoGen 18920
(4) 3D Systems SLA 7000 Large-frame SLA machines

Urethane Casting:

High accuracy, simulated production parts.  Urethanes can simulate virtually any production material from Low-density foam and rubber, to injection molded polymers and elastomers.

» MCP Vacuum Casting Equipment
» MCP-001 and MCP-004, with custom extension chamber to produce parts up to 6 feet long
» Custom Vacuum/Pressure casting chambers
» 2 - AST RIM Pressure Casting dispensers

CNC Machined Prototypes:

High accuracy, functional and aesthetic prototypes in a wide variety of solid

» Steel
» Aluminum
» Tooling Board in multiple varieties
» Engineered Plastics
 Haas VM6 5-Axis

**NEW ( qty 2) Haas UMC750 (5-Axis)
 Haas VF3
 Haas VF11

**NEW Haas VF4




Prototype Finishing

Eagle produces the highest quality aesthetically clear SLA parts in the business.  Our experienced technicians can also apply show-quality painted finishes and textures to any of our SLA, Urethane or CNC machined parts.  We can also silkscreen, pad print, vacuum metalize, and chrome electroplate parts.

Prototype Metal Castings

Working with our strategic partners, we can produce prototype sand castings as well as SLS metal parts.